BONUS Blooper Reel!


Hey folks! A little bonus material for you this week! This clip is from our Zombie episode. In case you were wondering:

– No, we don’t have a script.

– No, we don’t usually have a plan.

– Yes, we are a little bit insane.

Also in this clip is our good friend Brie, AKA Tactical Pinup! Go give her some love, too!

Also, our GoFundMe is still happening, so please go check that out! And we’ll still have a normal episode for you on Monday.

See ya later!

Episode 12: One! Sing-u-lar Sensation!

Hey Everybody! This week’s show is about one of our more nerdy obsessions: Musicals! This one definitely strays from our normal episodes, but we promise to be just as ridiculous as we always are. This episode came from Robb’s fangirling over “Hamilton”, so you can blame him. That’s right, pull out a $10 bill and scold the dead guy on the front, Alexander Hamilton. This is his fault. Stupid founding father.

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See you all next time!