Episode 85: Live From Wyalusing 2017!


It’s that time of year again, folks! Our second annual Wyalusing Episode! We chat with all of our friends from around the country about LARPing, and what you should know, if you want to get into LARP. We also go just a bit insane with the show. Tune in next week, for our second Wyalusing episode, as well as our 2nd annual Geek Fight Battle Royale!


Episode 84: PTSD & Nerdy

It’s time for another installment in our “& Nerdy” series! And this week’s episode… well it’s…

Oof. You guys, this episode is a heavy one. Quick Disclaimer: This episode does discuss mental illness, and traumatic situations. We did have a lot of fun, though. NicCole, Joe’s wife, sat down with us to talk about her life and how the nerdy world affects (and helps) her.

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Episode 83: On Raising Geeks


On a very special episode, Robb & Bernadette chat with Mark Hollyday, better known as Robb’s Dad! You can see where Robb gets his gift for gab, and hear things Robb didn’t even know.


Episode 81: Spielberg!


This week we dive into the geeky contributions of Steven Spielberg!

Episode 80: Audiobooks


This week, Bernadette schools us on Audiobooks!


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