What are the truly critical things to know about Bernadette? Well, 50% of the time, she’s joking, and the other 50% she’s dead serious, but her voice and facial expression stays the same. It’s more fun for her that way. She is a go getter and a team player, or so says her resume. When she’s not getting schooled in all things nerdy, she spends most of her time in actual school, working towards her degree in Theater Performance and working on the next show.

He's Failing

Robb, trying desperately to look cool in his LARP costume

Robb has done many things over the years. He’s been an actor, comedian, salesman, waiter, student, teacher, lover, hater, joker, smoker, and, of course, a midnight toker. The first time he watched the shiny pate of Patrick Stewart’s head in Star Trek: TNG, he was hooked. After a rather embarrassing bout with athleticism in high school, Robb recovered and fell into the open arms of the geek community.

Among other nerd related activities, Robb has been a member of The King’s Stocks troupe at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival since 2009, A board game collector since he was 10, and a rabid Minnesota Twins fan since birth.

He’s only mostly proud of that last one.

Most current photo of Joe

Most current photo of Joe

The son of Academics, Joe was born a nerd. He was the kid who brought a book to football games, who played chess in French class, and who knew everything about swords, armor, and ‘stuff.’ As he grew older, he never grew up. He just expanded the things he was obsessed with into nerdier and nerdier realms. There are claims that he has interests that do not qualify as nerdy, but there is no way to substantiate those claims.
While he IS actually a doctor, with a PhD and a tattoo to show for it, no one is entirely sure what his degree is in, as no one has managed to stay awake for the entirety of his explanation.
His primary fields of nerd-obsession are Doctor Who, Supernatural, Video games, sci-fi, and table top RPGs.

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