3 thoughts on “Episode 91: British Television

  1. Regency period is when the current King was under a Regent – namely, mad King George III. The Regent was his son, later George IV, and lasted off and on around 20 years. Post revloution, pre Victorian.


  2. And you missed the granddaddy of them all – Masterpiece, which was formerly known as Masterpiece Theatre, and has been running continuously since 1971. That’s where Sherlock came on the US airwaves originally. Masterpiece has been broadcasting ITV, Channel 4 and BBC shows since the beginning. And don’t forget … Monsterpiece Theatre starring Alastair Cookie.


  3. Joe was *very wrong:
    Red Dwarf came well *after Monty Python, which was at least a decade before. (Robb got there eventually) Also, Red Dwarf was a mining ship–the trashiness was simply the lead character.
    Season 1 of Sherlock was 3 episodes of about 1.5 hours per show.


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