Episode 84: PTSD & Nerdy

It’s time for another installment in our “& Nerdy” series! And this week’s episode… well it’s…

Oof. You guys, this episode is a heavy one. Quick Disclaimer: This episode does discuss mental illness, and traumatic situations. We did have a lot of fun, though. NicCole, Joe’s wife, sat down with us to talk about her life and how the nerdy world affects (and helps) her.

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One thought on “Episode 84: PTSD & Nerdy

  1. Questions:
    Fan Service – Kevin Smith for “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back”
    Life as VG game – “Love Bites”, stealth game where getting noticed docks you HP but getting dates earns you HP (meaning you have lose *maybe earn). The HP is shown by spoon icons rather than hearts or a bar.

    Geek Fight:
    Of yours – Keaton, as LEGO Batman is, indeed, just a toy
    My answer – West, as he got into and out of more zany situations than any other Batman and was prepared for ANYTHING (bat-shark-repellent anyone?).


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