One thought on “Episode 81: Spielberg!

  1. Joe, don’t forget that whatever you saw where they asked Japanese people about “whitewashing” was edited by someone at some point. Also, if I asked a question any geek could answer but asked it of non-geeks, the results are also skewed. Beware accepting such things as legit unless you see how the sausage is made.

    The sword vs. gun scene is about a third/half of the way into Raiders.

    Bernadette isn’t wrong that over-reliance on pop culture for humor does give your product a shelf life or consigns it to the audience of the time unless your references are those that carry forward as tropes. I disagree that it’s lazy. *resists Millennial joke that punches down
    One could argue Weird Al has the same problem with his parodies. Some of his earliest works don’t speak to me as much as to some of my older friends as I never heard or experienced the fad-ness of certain source songs (ex. I Lost on Jeopardy/Our Love’s in Jeopardy). “Handy” and “Tacky” are funny to us now, but will anyone remember “Fancy” and “Happy” in 15 years (I’ll give better odds on the latter)?

    Body–Data from TNG (immortal unless killed, superhuman strength and speed, perfect memory/time)
    Haunting–any hyper-Christian zealot
    Vacation–Tour of Scottish distilleries

    Geek Fight:
    Of your answers–
    Pentagon wins if it gets the Batman Factor if it can use the armaments it’s connected to.
    Burj Kahlifa loses–big = slow; see any fighting game ever. Also size difference rules in D&D applied, big things have an AC penalty/small things have AC bonus when size categories differ.
    Space Needle has a glass jaw–one solid hit will kill it, so I hope it has high DEX.

    My answer–
    The Great Pyramid
    Your selections are all mostly hollow, where the Pyramid is denser (see WoD “soak” rules, D&D high CON). Also, stone is fairly resislient, at least compared to the glass of your buildings. Pyramids are mildly pointy, and with its several corners, it can come from many angles and can land on many faces and not really be hurt if it takes a hit.
    Alternate answer, the Statue of Liberty–human-like mobility, torch weapon/book shield/spiked crown, armored body (copper vs. glass exterior).


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