One thought on “Episode 80: Audiobooks

  1. Fearless doesn’t hate podcasts. When running a 50 hour marathon, something has to run in the wee hour and putting in something whose normal audience can still consume it in their usual way (and at a future date) makes them as easy option. Also, you (and Awfulcopter) didn’t have “no audience”, just a small one–I was there, as you mentioned, as was our Tech Guru, Steffen. We’re glad Best 3Some chose to record with us!

    I prefer single reader. James Marsters does a good job with The Dresden Files and Jim Dale rocks the shit out of Harry Potter.

    Larry wasn’t eaten by Mayor Snake–he was tail thwacked dead.

    Geek Fight:
    Joe’s right–Boba Fett kicks everyone else’s ass here (though Han bumped him, not Chewie, so Joe’s also wrong).
    Joe’s wrong–Barkley Wesley, and Barkley should be allowable; I would argue anyone never in the recurring opening credits counts, though he’s still lose because Super Barkley couldn’t leave the holodeck.
    My answer:
    If everyone but the main trio in Harry Potter & Voldy are considered secondary characters, I’d go with Snape. If you’re going to say the teachers appear in every installment and therefore don’t count (which is a stupid rule as they are, indeed, secondary), I’ll go with Bellatrix. Magic beats blasters and she’s into collateral damage, especially of Muggles, so Cabbage Vendor wouldn’t be ignored.
    Secondary (non-HP) answer: Mouse from The Dresden Files


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