One thought on “Episode 79: Return to Harry Potter

  1. Okay, dark secret time but… Edward wins.

    Here’s why:

    Angel and Blade exist in a similar vampire lore which puts them at a disadvantage

    1) Blades used silver, garlic, sunlight, and swords. None of those affect Edward negatively.

    2) Vampires in Twilight universe have Presence from VTM. Not low level round either. In UV light it is full on ‘get on your knees this is your new god’. Blade has been shown to be affected by vampire powers before so this would hit him too. Angel/Angelus might be able to resist this.

    3) Vampires in twilight are killed in one way: being ripped apart and those pieces being set on fire. Werewolves in twilight have the strength to do the ripping but fire is implied to be needed. Blade has his universe strength which is not strong enough to rip apart twilight universe strength. Angel/us has always been shown to be smarter, crazer but not stronger.

    4) Twilight vampires are faster. Angel is a slow motherfucker.

    5) Edward has mind reading powers. He is also a fighter. He knows the moves Blade and angel/us are going to make before they even do them.

    Edward wins. Sorry.


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