One thought on “Episode 77: More Board Games

  1. I would be happy to GM your Hidden Diplomacy game.
    No question my Patronus is a raven. Bernadette, you have a L2TP puppy–Robb.
    Favorite author: Daniel Quinn (honorable mentions to Douglas Adams and Frank Herbert)
    Bern Bet Book–Cat’s Cradle (I win, too)

    Geek Fight:
    I agree with Robb: Civ as a fandom–it’s got a “cult following”, I have most versions of the game (1-5, some with expansions, and Alpha Centauri). Also, no point in picking fandoms if you’re stripping the powers.

    Your answers: Hermione Granger
    My answer: Paul Maud’Dib Atreides


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