2 thoughts on “Episode 76: The Evil Dead Franchise

  1. He’s the French Maître d in the third Spider Man when Peter’s planning on proposing. He’s also a guard in Oz the Great and Powerful.

    Ash vs the Evil Dead is just still and funny as hell. The reason Ash does the best is that he’s done it and believes, once the others start to believe they do get better but Ash has 20 years doing this.


  2. Geek Fight:
    Joe’s wrong–JM Barrie died at 77. CS Lewis died the youngest of the three, at 64.

    Of given options: Tolkien, for reason given (actual combat experience)
    My answer: AA Milne, he beats out Tolkien’s military career by serving in BOTH World Wars rather than just WWI. And to Sean, for not including him as an option, I say “pooh”.


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