Episode 79: Return to Harry Potter


Hey folks!

Joe has the week off, and Sean returns to learn about Harry Potter!


Be sure to Check out Best 3some Ever this weekend at the Die Laughing Marathon!

Episode 78: The Internet, & Who Lives There


This week, it’s another installment of Heroes of The Internet! We discuss Chris Hardwick’s hold on geek culture, and George Takei’s masterful use of Social Media.


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Episode 77: More Board Games


Hey Everybody! Robb forgot to post on time this week. Be sure to kick him when you see him.


This week, we discuss board games, and we chat about what character wins a game of Settlers of Catan.


Episode 76: The Evil Dead Franchise


This week, we jam the whole show full of deadites! Coming back around to The Evil Dead, where we chat about the whole franchise, as well as much of Bruce Campbell’s career. Plus, an initially frightening geek fight!