One thought on “Episode 75: Another Look At Video Games

  1. Robb: you can relax–Eddie Izzard played Voldemort, which makes it awesome. I feel your pain though, as I had the issue at first until I saw it was Izzard.
    And you’re wrong, it totally sounds like Cera to me.
    Yes, I was screaming about the Final Fantasy release year, which I knew to be ’87 prior to your looking it up–I still have my NES copy.
    I also HATE FF VII and I really like IX, so mileage varies.
    I recommend Secret of Mana and Ultima Avatar in addition to FF I and DW.
    Joe: Link to the Past has no level up system. (Robb looked it up, found you meant Link’s Adventure)

    Geek Fight:
    Of your options: Ant-Man
    My answer: Dead Girl–she’s already dead herself (meaning zombies likely wouldn’t try to kill her) and is a necromancer (meaning she can control the zombies). So she’s got avoidance and anti-threat ability–booya!


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