2 thoughts on “Episode 73: I Will Not Use The Title As My Chalkboard

  1. Geek Fight:
    Answer of those given: Tony the Tiger
    Answer from Green Jelly: Toucan (Son of) Sam
    Answer from Cetius: Chef Wendell (Cinnamon Toast Crunch)–he makes poisoned versions of his foe’s cereals, as most are obsessed with keeping it to or eating it themselves. He also uses wooden utensils, so he can stake the Count.

    Bernadette is correct that Cookie Crisp has (had?) a wolf mascot (Chip the Wolf). That’s why it is (was?) Cah-ooooooo-kie Crisp. (And then you went and Wikied it)


  2. You say use Pikachu and your guest hosts use Pikachu the next episode we rule.

    Sportzballs: Quidditch, Blitzball, Blurnball, Baseketball, Quadpot, Rollerball….

    UofM is one of the top teams in the country and go to Nationals every year. Drew has a really good friend that is on the team, Cally she’s lovely. They also have a Yule Ball every year.

    Quidditch world cup: Ireland won the game but Bulgaria caught the snitch.

    Once you realize who voices who go back and watch you can hear Hank Azaria in Grimey’s voice


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