Episode 75: Another Look At Video Games


…. You’ve given up, haven’t you, Title guy?

This Week, we chat classic RPGs, with a long focus on Final Fantasy, as well as some other old forgotten gems. Enjoy!

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Episode 74: The Anime Episode


Alright, everyone. You have been clamoring for it, and after a year and a half, we’ve finally done it. And now, for your listening pleasure, we present to you: The Anime Episode.


I mean, this was the only way it could be done…

Episode 73: I Will Not Use The Title As My Chalkboard

A doozy of an episode this week, folks! We scratch the surface on one of the longest running shows ever: The Simpsons! We also have a very silly geek fight this time around. Like, really.

Episode 72: The 2nd Annual Depress-a-thon!


It gets strange this week, folks. You can clearly hear Robb start to lose it a little, as we discuss depression and mental illness, and we talk about our favorite nerdy pick me ups. Also, a team up style Geek Fight!