5 thoughts on “Episode 71: The Crazies Just Want To Believe!

  1. Geek Fight:
    Of the options – Marvin. Bender is bad-ass, but EVE is arguably more advanced–better shielding, better weapons. Marvin has no defenses, but is incredibly resilient and does have the Batman factor as Joe says. He does outsmart the Kricket battle tanks, but they are dumb. EVE might be harder to outwit, but Marvin probably has the edge. EVE could win if she zergs and doesn’t listen to hear opponents, but the longer the fight, the more chance Marvin has.

    My answer – Unicron. I can’t believe none of you chose a Transformer.


  2. I have to agree with Cetius, Transformers for the win. And it’s daffodil not pimpmobile Joe.
    The order is atcually (form the episode)
    10. Chump, 9. Chumpette, 8. Yours, 7. Up, 6. Pimpmobile, 5. Bite, 4. My, 3. Shiny, 2. Daffodil, 1. Ass
    And for those who care Bender’s actual top ten words based on scripts are
    1: bender (104), 2: fry (85), 3: robot(s) (81), 4: human(s) (52), 5: whoa (50), 6: love (47), 7: god (!42!), 8: ass (39), 9: old (38), 10: kill (30)


  3. Heeeey, reply here.
    As for the Q & A, I would say at the end of the show.
    Why: I like to listen to your chosen topic and hear what information you built the podcast to share. The Q & A is a bonus section and might have some inside baseball as well, so it seems more fitting at the end. New listeners might be unsure what the podcast is if the Q & A happens too early, or, they may be turned away if there is some inside baseball always interrupting the episode topic.


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