3 thoughts on “Episode 70: In My Head

  1. Joe’s wrong: the prophesy doesn’t say the parents need to be dead, only that they’ve defied Voldemort three times. Also, the head canon that Neville’s the real chosen one doesn’t stand up (assuming you 1) subscribe to the rule that canon trumps head canon and 2) believe that Dumbledore is truthful) because Dumbledore expressly says he didn’t know whether it was Neville or Harry until Voldemort acted. The improved head canon is: because it was a “schrodinger’s prophecy”, whoever wasn’t “chosen” would have no choice but to play a part, as Neville does in destroying a Horcrux.

    Joe’s Fred/George head canon also fails on several counts. First, J.K. has said Fred is dead. Two, the circumstances of his death were too random for a fake-out. Three, Fred would need to lose an ear to sub in and out for George (as Bernadette mentioned later). Four, Molly was in the fight in advance of Fred’s death.
    Also point of order, polyjuice reverts after a time so it would be better to transfigure a corpse, assuming that’s possible.

    My variant of the “GotG as Avengers D&D game” is this:
    GM = Fury (runs game as training exercise)
    Widow = NPCs (especially Nebula) (adaptable, doesn’t want to get rooted into a character)
    Star Lord = Hawkeye (dude with no “powers”, still kicking ass)
    Gamora = Banner (playing a character based on his lady–honorable & kick-ass but with tragic past)
    Rocket = Iron Man (talks shit, builds shit, tech/gear-happy)
    Groot = Thor (doesn’t get gaming so they give him something simple but noble)
    Drax = Cap (doesn’t get references, code of honor)

    Geek Fight:
    Cho’s a chump and was never portrayed as “bad-ass” in any way. She’s not even that good a Seeker and that’s the “skill” she shown to have. Joe’s also wrong, as you can’t summon food (per canon) and the Unforgivables require true desire to succeed and I don’t think she has the heart to kill. Gale’s also a chump, though I do agree he has the Batman factor. Given the options, Kara wins

    My answer is Snape. Truly portrayed as bad-ass, he has the magical knowledge and drive to use the Dark Arts that Cho lacks. His was the logic puzzle in the first book, so we know he’s a also thinker/planner. He was in a love triangle with Lily and James, at least in his own mind, so he’s a legit option.


  2. Let’s face it if there was no Amanda it would’ve been me or Pat.

    Amanda is wrong it is Flynn and Rapunzel’s wedding as it isn’t long after that Elsa is made queen


  3. Sorry to be that person. But there is a secret society that’s involved. It’s the volunteer fire department. series of unfortunate events kind of adds it in later books and the movie tried to add it there from the beginning too.


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