3 thoughts on “Episode 69: Q & A!….. and sex.

  1. Hey guys you want to try a tea with the same amount of caffeine? the Samurai chai at Teavana has the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee but taste a LOT better

    Bernadette totally do the Dresden Audiobooks! James Marsters (Who played Spike in Buffy) is the guy who reads it, I can totally get you copies if you want them (yes I have them all) as well as Stephen Frye reading Harry Potter.

    Hopefully for far out there listeners my friend Valerie will start listening soon (Robb Darryl’s Daughter)

    Questions for the hosts: Favorite place you’ve recorded an episode?
    Are we gonna get another Wyalusing double down episode?
    Will you release previous show preshows?

    Great Episode guys!


  2. Robb: When Joe moved to teach at Crookston he gave the Genesis away. I know because I have it. It is safe and has been played several times since.

    Also, from the intro, there was a scene in Star Trek: Into Darkness of just Benedict Cumberbatch showering. It ended up being cut but can be seen online. It was intended to be the counter to the Alice Eve scene.


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