4 thoughts on “Episode 68: Future’s So Bright…

  1. 5:00 – Not currently screaming…but I’m getting there. 😛
    Robb, the DS9 “secret police” are Section 31.
    Deckard being a replicant in the movie depends on the cut you watch.
    Robb had it backwards–Charlie does have the dragons, Bill has the goblins (and it mauled by a werewolf in Book 7). Also, Fred is the one that dies, George loses an ear (to Snape).

    Geek fight:
    Of the given options, the Weasleys have the edge, as magic is more versatile than The Force (even as detailed in the RPG) or cartoon superpowers. However, I think the Weasleys are the wrong family to pull from the HP universe. I go with the Peverells, after receiving the gifts from Death. This gives them invisibility and the undefeatable wand (until it’s won by another wizard outside of a duel) and given they know the conditions are “to the death”, they would have less issue with killing (though they’d go for stuns first).


  2. A paintball game at Normandale would be fantastic considering the sports field and such around there is also an archery range across the street. Totally would’ve done it in a heart beat there. (yeah I’m a week off, you’ll live)


  3. Cedius is correct: Bill has goblins, Charlie has dragons, Fred goes down, George lives

    And lets face it once Molly Weasley steps in and uses the mom voice on them all EVERYONE is stopping what they are doing.

    Cyclips, Havoc and Vulcan (the Summer’s brothers) have got this done


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