Episode 66: The One Where Stormtroopers Start Killin’ Jedi


Today’s title has nothing to do with the program! Hooray!

This week, We invited Nick from Best 3some Ever! to the show, as we talk about Kevin Smith movies! Nick came by to help promote our big old kickstarter that we’re doing for Geek By Numbers. Please be sure to visit the kickstarter, share it, donate, anything you can do to help! We as a company are really excited to share a lot of the new projects we’ve got coming your way, so stay tuned!

Our video for kickstarter! Please join us, won’t you?

3 thoughts on “Episode 66: The One Where Stormtroopers Start Killin’ Jedi

  1. Guests spots on L2tP are awesome! I recommend it but bring food 🙂
    And the dome has collapse 5 times the first time was in 1981 caused by 10″ of snow. 2010 being 17″ when we had out last Snow-pocolypse and Minnesota turned into Hoth.

    And Animaniacs for the win not only because numbers but like Robb said the slap sticks and SHINANEGANS that will ensure from that crew. I can see Pinky and the Brain getting thrown but not just because they get mistaken cause Brain’s head but Pinky getting scooped into a snowball. Mind you Dale is going to have the same damn problem cause it’s Dale.

    Brain is going to Manipulate Butters if we are honest, come on he’s going to get him to turn on the kids. And Yes the Warners are going to make Cartman their new friend and piss him off so much that he’s not going to pay attention to what he’s doing and end up hitting his team (Kyle: Come on Fat ass get your head in the game! Cartman: Screw you Kyle!) ((Bonus if you’ve read it in the voice)) while still playing keeping them intrigued the whole time, also Slappy pointing out new things they can do to help their team win.


  2. Spoiled kid varies by parents but statistics suggest it’s the youngest most often. The oldest is usually the most bitter and felt “put upon”.

    To be fair to scoring, I feel two things need to happen:
    1) Snowballs that hit your own team don’t count, and
    2) Score is averaged against the number of players on the team when it’s over (assuming it’s timed vs. Dodgeball rules, where you’re out on a hit).

    That said, Animaniacs loses because they’d be too busy hitting each other. South Park would also fall to in-fighting. Smurfs wouldn’t haven done too well, as they don’t have very good throwing arms and Brainy is always undermined. Chip n Dale would be good, but my answer in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turles. They have ninja reflexes and would use their weapons to bat the snowballs back. For Michaelanglo, see this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SncapPrTusA Yes, I know the video’s fake (previously discussed here), but it would work in cartoon logic. Don’s staff is also good for that, as well as Leo’s katana (using the flat of the blade). Even under Dodgeball rules, I think TMNT stand a chance against larger numbers.


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