One thought on “Episode 65: The Building Was On Fire, And It Wasn’t My Fault.

  1. The book is “Summer Knight” not “Winter Knight”.
    Joe’s wrong: Nicodemus surname isn’t Noth, it’s Archleone. Also “Gentleman” Johnny Marcone recurs more often, though you could argue “villain” as a status is not always applicable. The Red Court is also more prevalent than the Denarians, though Nick is certainly the arch-nemesis.
    Robb: you should read “Dreams and Shadows” for faerie mythology. It’s pretty good.
    Leanansidhe actually shows up quite a bit, though in most books only in a minor role. She’s in a lot of the short stories. In folklore, she’s essentially the Gaelic equivalent of a muse.
    Black court vamps are more Old Clan Tzimsce than Nosferatu.
    Robb: Grr…patronize (soft A)/patronize (long A)
    Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresdon…you got there.
    Wardens are the wizard cops. “Grey Cloaks” is slang, based on the cloaks they wear.
    Molly knew she was doing it, she didn’t know it was against the rules or how it hurts her friends.
    Molly’s age jumps a bit in the books by pure timeline. She’s 17 at apprenticeship, 14ish on intro.

    Geek Fight:
    My choice is Music Meister–because he’s voiced by Neil Patrick Harris, so style’s a given. 😛
    Robb: Mr. Mxyzptlk a Superman villain, not Batman


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