Easy on the capslock there, title guy.

This week, we chat about some lesser known parts of Star Wars, including the new film, Rogue One. Also, Bernadette gets a pop quiz on some nerd trivia, and she talks to us about some of her favorite parts about the nerd community.

Episode 66: The One Where Stormtroopers Start Killin’ Jedi


Today’s title has nothing to do with the program! Hooray!

This week, We invited Nick from Best 3some Ever! to the show, as we talk about Kevin Smith movies! Nick came by to help promote our big old kickstarter that we’re doing for Geek By Numbers. Please be sure to visit the kickstarter, share it, donate, anything you can do to help! We as a company are really excited to share a lot of the new projects we’ve got coming your way, so stay tuned!

Our video for kickstarter! Please join us, won’t you?

Episode 65: The Building Was On Fire, And It Wasn’t My Fault.


This week, we welcome back Amanda to the show! Robb talks about the Hamilton Mixtape, and then he gets schooled in the ways of Harry Dresden. Plus, a fascinating geek fight, as Tony Stark ventures where he shouldn’t.