Episode 64: It’s The Wifi Password…


On this week’s episode, we dive into the upcoming slate of Marvel Cinematic Universe films. We also stray off onto their television wing, and we wrap it all up with a wonderfully dirty Geek Fight! All that, plus! Bernadette gives her first ever A+ report card! Find out what got her perfect score, on this week’s show!


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3 thoughts on “Episode 64: It’s The Wifi Password…

  1. Bernadette once I watch it we will have a gab session 🙂
    Edward Herman was a very sweet man (yes I met him in person)
    As a friendly reminder stone form Loki’s staff is currently in Vision helping to keep him powered and living, which will be fun to see what happens to that. Still want to see Vision look at Tony and say thank you Mister Stark as Jarvis not just Vision
    Now is when you start making bets on who’s going out (for the gauntlet to be formed it means that Vision will already be gone) in the movies
    ::raises hand having face palmed::
    Bernadette the main reason Anakin doesn’t work he has never made a SPACECRAFT, only a speeder which can NOT go into space. As well as he has none of his powers yet.
    Kaylee has never been given the option to fly (Wash is the pilot and Mal wasn’t to fly his ship) but i feel like she’d be able to fly (lets face either Mal or Wash or even Inara have totally taught her to fly) and she has bandaided serenity before and if lets face it if you are in the proper junkyard for this for them to make a ship she’ll be fine. Kaylee has totally used pieces that do the same thing but weren’t meant for Serenity.

    Challenge accepted


  2. Geek fight winner for the three selected by hosts: Anakin
    He’s the only one with a proven record of being able to build “new” craft/robots out of junk. Chewie can do maintenance, but we’ve never seen him build. Kaylee rebuilt the medi-taxi in “Ariel” (with Wash), but we saw that the chasis for that was already there, not “built from scatch”, so she’s more dependent on the junkyard. Technically, I would argue all three would be at a disadvantage if using “modern Earth” junkyards, but I feel Anakin would be the most able to adapt of the three.
    My geek fight answer: the kids from “The Explorers”. They are proven to have built a spaceship from current Earth junk. Runners up include MacGuyer and B.A. Baracas from The A-Team.


    • For the record, my previous post was before I heard your reasons–only after hearing the criteria of the fight. Joe gave similar arguments to mine. I disagree Anakin lacks spaceship knowledge–just because what we saw him build was a podracer doesn’t mean he couldn’t. We didn’t see Chewie build shit, only fix (Falcon, C-3PO).
      Also, to defend Anakin, with force powers, he can cheat and mess with the others’ vehicles, guaranteeing a win.


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