Hey! You may have noticed we released late this week! We are now releasing on Wednesdays. This week’s episode, we covered the Batman movies, and as always, fall off the rails. Also, a cutesy couple-y Geek Fight!


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3 thoughts on “Episode 63: I CAN GEDDEOVR THE BAY!

  1. You are correct–I am a cranky person. Mostly, I just don’t think livestreams make for good episodes.
    Edward Scissorhands came out before Batman Returns.
    Joe has it right: Michael Caine is the best (movie) Alfred. I also love both Sean Pertwee and Alan Napier, so live-action TV Alfreds are also great.

    I’m disappointed in all of you and you’re all wrong. The obvious winner of the Geek Fight is Zoe and Hoban “Wash” Washburne from “Firefly”. I’d also like to disqualify both Fred/Daphne and Poison Ivy/Harley Quinn as they are not actually married and The Newlywed Game only had legally married couples, so I needed to vote Jeannie/Tony.


  2. Boy scout joke GOT IT :P, will hopefully join the Patreon soon 🙂
    Robb I have a copy of the serials, let me know we shall watch them
    And no BvS he does NOT have a love interest, yes he and Diana flirt but that’s the extent of it, if your counting that as love interest then i will concede
    Love the theory of movies in the move for forever and B&R
    I remember seeing Harvey Dent in the Keaton movies… I was waiting for something to happen to him to be Two Face, would’ve been cool to see how he would’ve done the role.
    I’ve done the 4 movies in a ‘marathon-ish’ I grew up with Batman forever and Batman and Robin so I loved them. Finally seeing Keaton made me realize there were better ones out there. Though I will say watching Forever and B&R is fun when looking at them as a comedy/mocking it (I HATE Val Kilmer as Batman HATE, like him in other things just not Batman) or even better finding one of the MANY drinking games makes Bat Nipples better.
    I enjoyed Chris O’Donnell in both of them, Jim Carey as the Riddler was fantastic. He has said if he would come back for the Riddler and would love to take it to a Darker role to fit the new movies.
    Aaron Ekhart was a fantastic Dent, got to meet him in person and he’s actually really cool. Gary Oldman is still my favorite Gordman, though the one in Gotham is decent for a younger James.
    It’s hard for me to pick a favorite Alfred, Cain is great but I like Michael Gough a lot, I do have super high hopes for Jeremy Irons (though I do adore this man) and Sean Pertwee has been fantastic for a young spry Alfred
    BvS I was never worried about Afleck being Bruce Wayne, Batman was another story. But seeing the movie it made me feel better about it and unlike you weirdos I am a huge Superman fan, I really liked that arc in the their. Though the dick waving contest being ended one word… that was… annoying. I did love the tease of Wonder Woman and I can’t wait for the solo movie.
    There are hopes that The Batman will have the Red Hood as well… REALLY hoping this is a thing or that they actually do a Red Hood movie

    Totally planned for mine to be topical fights so no worries… Trying to think of non-holiday ones.
    Bernadette, if going with the cheating factor Samantha and Darren from Bewitched. But they also could win, a truly married couple (as Cedius said it’s the newly WED game) and they know enough about one another they would be fine without Samantha using magic but an option if needed.

    I’m excited for the Patreon I will throw monies that way once payday.

    Let me know if you need a stunt host again! Would love to come on again!


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