Episode 62: Mr. Pointy Returns!


Robb, Bernadette, and Joe get into it on Buffy this week, an episode sure to piss off a majority of our fans. Plus, we chat, briefly, about the election, and also the most important question of the day, the geek fight.


There has been a suggestion, and we’d like you to weigh in:

3 thoughts on “Episode 62: Mr. Pointy Returns!

  1. And a Sean worthy post:
    Yay t-shirt!!! BTW one of you!! Contact me I want a bumper sticker!!
    Robb… challenge accepted.
    The memes are the best thing EVER, and yes I talk to the podcast as well… a little softer. Also where’s our live stream poll?? (DRINK) When ever you do it I will be there. If it’s Friday i will even try to find a group to do the drinking game for reals!
    Jenny: the things I want to say but SPOILERS DAMN IT!!!! Bernadette watch more Buffy I will TOTALLY watch it with you
    Faith, “Take, Want, Have”
    Buffy and Willow are the only 2 characters in EVERY episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Xander is next only having missed one episode “Conversations with Dead People”
    Yes Wes is fracking Batman for Angel, Toys and all
    Willow has the only big crossover into Angel on Season 4
    Doing the simultaneous view is awesome and a lot of fun. I do agree the end of Angel is better with the reboot but comparing the true ending and Angels is harder.
    Once more with feeling is FANTASTIC and the bonus of that season, it started with all of them at Joss’ house hanging out and someone started playing piano man and Jess realized just how many of his cast could sing and decided to write it.
    Season 6 life is the big bad, and TECHNICALLY you could say the Trio is as well though I use that super loosely.
    Thank you for stopping me from spoilers. And yes season 2 is when Xander/Cordy happens, in a small way. The episode it happens is actually part 2 of the episode that Xander first calls them the Scooby gang
    And agreed in the Dawn bit at the same time through out most of it I CAN”T STAND HER.
    All i can say about Angel: Smile time… All the damn giggles.
    I bawled at Fred
    And Cedius isn’t the ONLY DAMN ONE which is why you get the GIANT post now
    Faith, Willow, Buffy and Spike all visit in Angel, Spike has the longest run.
    Lorne is the bestest EVER and Angel is the reason I actually started to not hate Cordy. And yes Cordy is the BIGGEST DAMN complicated on getting wooj.


  2. I’m so glad you covered the movie version of Buffy! It will always have a special place in my heart but, when speaking with most Buffy fans, they’ve either never seen it or condemn it which sucks; can’t we all just get along?!? Also, Paul Reubens’ death makes me giggle like a schoolgirl. ❤


  3. Bernadette misspoke: the “drugged at frat party” episode is “Reptile Boy”, which is early Season 2 (Ep. 4, I think).
    Movie aspects that are canon: Buffy is the slayer, went to Emmery, had a Watcher named Merrick who died.
    Kendra is not a racial stereotype, as I stated in the episode wherein you first discussed Buffy.
    Robb’s wrong: Anya’s introduced in Season 3.
    Robb’s sort of right: Joyce *gets awesome. Where Bernadette is, Joyce is kinda awful more often than not.
    I also would be happy to watch Buffy (and Angel) with Bernadette. I rewatch the series pretty regularly.
    Season 6 is either the 4th or 5th best season. 1st and 4th or definitely worse, 7th is also arguably worse. 2nd, 3rd, and 5th are certainly better.
    Joe’s wrong: his “badass Angel” moment is from Season 2


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