Episode 64: It’s The Wifi Password…


On this week’s episode, we dive into the upcoming slate of Marvel Cinematic Universe films. We also stray off onto their television wing, and we wrap it all up with a wonderfully dirty Geek Fight! All that, plus! Bernadette gives her first ever A+ report card! Find out what got her perfect score, on this week’s show!


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Hey! You may have noticed we released late this week! We are now releasing on Wednesdays. This week’s episode, we covered the Batman movies, and as always, fall off the rails. Also, a cutesy couple-y Geek Fight!


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Episode 62: Mr. Pointy Returns!


Robb, Bernadette, and Joe get into it on Buffy this week, an episode sure to piss off a majority of our fans. Plus, we chat, briefly, about the election, and also the most important question of the day, the geek fight.


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Episode 61: Deep Space Nine Had A Brand….


Our friend Zack from the lost episode joins us again, this time for a crash course in Babylon 5. Robb knows nothing on the subject, but he did drink with one of the cast members once. So that’s something. Also, we fall off the rails into slightly murky territory during our geek fight. It’s weird.