2 thoughts on “Episode 60: Hold On To Your Butts…

  1. Okay, so me recording that doesn’t work, mostly because I listen at work :/ but will totally do the L2tP drinking party…. I will start a tally next episode and see how bad it would be.


  2. More important–Ian Malcomn dies at the end of the book Jurassic Park but is the connecting character is the Lost World book, which means the second book is a sequel to the movie, which is bullshit!

    No mentions of “Disclosure” or “Rising Sun”?! No “A Case of Need”? Come on, guys.

    Robb’s wrong–Henry Jones Sr is a “tough love” father. Who taught Indy the Greek he’s counting in? On the options given, Peter is definitely the worst.

    My answer is Baron Vladimir Harkonnen–he conspires to kill his daughter’s husband and afterwards kill her and his grandson. There’s also contemplated rape of the daughter. To be fair, he doesn’t *know he’s her father, so there’s real absenteeism, Robb! 😛


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