3 thoughts on “Episode 59: That One Guy From That Show…

  1. That girl: Zoë Wanamaker, Julie Walters, Mercedes McNab, Ruth Buzzi
    That Guy: Tom Lenk, Danny Strong

    Robb thank you for naming Dot she’s fantastic! Her singing is awesome and yes Coach Beaste did transition in the final season (6) to Sheldon. The episode he came back brought in the songs Same Love and a full transgender choir backing up Alex Newall with I Know Where I’ve Been

    Also Robb I have Imaginarium of Dr Parnasus, let me know if you want to borrow.

    You are totally welcome I’m working on some others for your guys!

    The Jews is a card for CAH. But And then the Jews… yeah totally does… where’s my sharpie

    Tshirt: Late 2 the Party Unreliable Guide to Geekdom with Show your work on the back


  2. Joe’s challenge of movies starring Christopher Walken: The Prophecy and Wild Side (first billing on IMDb).
    Mark Williams (“Ron Weasley’s Dad”) was also in Red Dwarf, to back Robb’s claim he’s a nerdy “that guy” actor.
    Vincent Schiavelli is one of my favorite “that guy”s. He’s notably been in Buffy, X-Files, and the Highlander TV series.
    Brian Thompson is another–Buffy, X-Files, Kindred: The Embraced….

    The correct winner of the Geek Fight is Gadget from Chip ‘n’ Dales Rescue Rangers. Bernadette’s corporate buyout is the winner amongst you three. Before that, Danger Mouse had it.


  3. Female Character Actors I Can Think Of:
    Jane Lynch, Aisha Tyler, Brigid Brannagh, Rebecca Gayheart
    The latter two have certainly done genre properties, the first two less so


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