One thought on “Episode 57: The Facts of Life Halloween Episode… just…. what?

  1. First off I have actually seen both Joe and Robb’s old school horror episodes. Bahahaha! Totally used to watch The Facts of Life before going to bed, when TV land decided that’s what they would play and I saw the Halloween episode. And The Boy Meets World, I used to watch.. A LOT i still enjoy the horror one. “I’m not going kill you Shawn. It takes too much time to break in a new best friend.”

    Also the first 3 Treehouse of Horrors (and YES the first one is called Treehouse of Horror, the third episode of the season) all have wraparounds to tie them into canon, so TECHNICALLY (yes using that lightly) technically they are canonical 🙂 But yes Robb is right the first is the ONLY one that uses the tree house.

    Also there is an unwritten rule that Kang and Kodos MUST be in every Tree House of Horror episode, which they have been forgotten which is why they are in some of the episodes at the last possible second. And for Robb’s happy their names were inspire by Star Trek characters 🙂


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