Episode 60: Hold On To Your Butts…


Our friend Nevan stops by this week, as we talk about the world of Michael Crichton and Jurassic Park. Nevan’s a giant superfan, so it’s a very lively day. Plus, we’ve got a a big daddy geek fight!

Episode 59: That One Guy From That Show…


Joe is back, as we talk our favorite character actors in Geek Media! Plus, Robb runs down all the big geek news that’s come out in the last few weeks. All that, and a squeaky Geek Fight! Join us,  won’t you?



Episode 58: Hear Ye, Hear Ye!


This week, we have our second video submitted stunt host! Listener Allie joins us for a discussion on Renaissance Festivals, which obviously devolves into Robb getting nostalgic for a thing he finished only 2 weeks ago. Plus, a geek fight that gets a little weird.


By the way, since Allie gave Robb flack for it, here’s the paintings she made for us.



Episode 57: The Facts of Life Halloween Episode… just…. what?

Our OG cast is back this week, and we talk about some of our favorite Halloween episodes! Huh. That was a pretty succinct description. Weird….

Episode 56: Do Electric Sheep Get Depression?

This week’s episode, we chat with our friend Jeff Pancake, and we dive back into our conversation on Artificial Intelligence. Plus, we have a geek fight fit for this year’s screwball election.