2 thoughts on “Episode 52: Abby Something…

  1. Veruca Salt can also be considered Wrath and Greed at the same time considering her song and she spends the entire movie saying she wanted everything she sees.

    The Jew joke exception was To Be Or Not to Be. Others got to play with that one as well.

    Picking a favorite with Mel Brooks, is almost like picking a favorite child.

    Bernadette I have access to a copy of Blazing Saddles, I have never watched it either. Viewing party? Or I can bring it to your birthday??

    Special Joe cupcake labeled and everything would be entertaining as hell to see.

    And in the chocolate factory, I’d bring my mom with and probably end up with the factory. Robb has met my mom and he can TOTALLY get it. But I was always the good kid (even at 13)

    The ONLY thing, ONLY I liked about the Johnny Depp version was Christopher Lee. Other than that is was SOOOOO BAD, it only works as a drinking game.

    Guest host videos: Pat and I actually did look at one another and said “Challenge Accepted”


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