6 thoughts on “Episode 51:Wade Wilson Is My Spirit Animal

  1. Anti-hero: does wrong thing for right reason or does right thing for wrong reason?
    ?Por que no los dos?
    Also, I don’t post *every week–just when you’re wrong or I’m feeling uppity.
    I am the King and Sean is the Prime Minister of No Pants, so there is no need for throne-stealing!
    I will NOT watch Season 9 of Scrubs, sorry Bernadette (or Seasons 1-8, sorry Robb).
    I concede to Joe on density concerning India vs. China, as it was relevant to the topic at hand.
    T-Shirt ideas is something Horror Show Hot Dog did for a while, so it’s still not a new thing.

    I love you guys, keep doing what you’re doing (cuz I love correcting you :-P)

    I’d also love to stunt host or guest (but I won’t do a video–no one wants that!). Topics I could cover you listed would include Magic: The Gathering (up to a point) and tabletop RPGs. Other things I could do would be Blizzard games (mostly the modern ones), CCGs (in general, not just Magic), and nerdcore/other nerdy music (filk, Weird Al, JoCo, etc; this could have a lot of YouTube show note links).


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