4 thoughts on “Episode 50: Speed Draws Make Absolutely No Sense.

  1. Robb, upon listening, I believe that Joe was referring to “MacLIaach Seven”, the remake of the remake of the Seven Samurai, set in medieval Scotland. It looks good, judging from the trailers,


  2. For the geek fight, you’re all wrong. Star Trek canon suggests that Doctor Julian Bashir would be the winner. He’s genetically enhanced to be the best and there was in-episode proof.

    Of the three, Paris is too cocky and Worf is too rash (even with his combat experience), so I have to go with Spock.


  3. Also, Robb must have COMPLETELY forgotten the episode where Worf’s son makes him play a Western sheriff, so Worf knows EXACTLY how a gunfight works.


  4. Robb… I could swear you said that at Fest you’d be at the Kink Stocks, beating people for money. You may have found the only well-paying job at Fest,


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