Episode 49: I Ain’t Got Time To Bleed…

This weeks episode is a whole lot of things. We chat about Bernadette’s love of Fighter games, and Joe gives us a run down of his visit to Supernatural Con. We talk about method acting, and a phenomenon known as ‘Character Bleed’. Finally, a geek fight from one of our most loyal listeners! It’s a jam packed show this week!


4 thoughts on “Episode 49: I Ain’t Got Time To Bleed…

  1. If done well tears make the scene that much more intense, last game at the gathering as one of them. I also love the people that in the middle of a scene showing so much emotion and everything else can completely flip and smile when they go out of character for a moment because someone needs clarification or wanting to make sure the player is okay.

    I’ve also had the bleed from personal into my character, showing a lot more emotions at a gathering than intended as it’s right by losing a ‘Family’ member.


  2. You’re wrong–Nintendo > Sega and always was!
    Your ideas about Fringe would break the Fringe. The fucking POINT is that it’s uncurated and *that means you’re gonna get some junk. We can get into it later why this is the superior model.
    Character bleed, for me, is when the emotional ride of the character invades your out-of-character life and vice versa.
    I think Joe’s wrong about which has more people: India or China? China’s had the lead for a long time, so unless he’s referring to the entire Indian subcontinent, I think he’s got it backwards.


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