Episode 46: E.T. Is A Classic Video Game…


This week’s episode was going to be a clip show, as we didn’t have Joe, but by coincidence, we recorded one anyway. Our friend and longtime supporter of the show Sam joins us for a conversation on classic video games. We chat about Nintendo’s announcement of the Mini NES Classic, as well as the travesty that was E.T. the Game. Plus, we have a pixelated geek fight for you this week!

Here’s the Nintendo Playstation, as promised…



2 thoughts on “Episode 46: E.T. Is A Classic Video Game…

  1. E.T. was 82. Super Mario Bros was 85 in Japan, but 87 in the states. Super Famicom is the SNES equivalent, NES brother is just the Famicom. Metroid boss is Mother Brain.

    RBI Baseball is the NES game I played (not sure it’s the Princess Bride game, though). Blades of Steel was the fun hockey game (where you could fist fight). The game I’m most looking forward to on the upcoming mini-NES is Star Tropics. My favorite games of the NES era are Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy (and that was *before 8-Bit Theater–look that up!), both of which I still play from time to time.

    Bernadette–Duck Hunt’s Zapper doesn’t work on modern TVs, which is why it can’t be on the upcoming console.


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