2 thoughts on “Episode 45: Nerd Potpurri

  1. Wow, you’re so wrong about WoW. They didn’t invite EITHER micro-transactions or monthly subscription fees.

    Monthly fees were a part of Everquest, which predates WoW by 5 years. Almost all MMOs had a subscription fee, which is way the free-to-plays were so weird to see, and it was THEY that started micro-transactions. Everquest, Eve Online, Dark Age of Camelot all had fees and existed for years before WoW came along.

    As for the other, to this day, the only micro-transactions in WoW are for purely cosmetic items–statless helms, mounts, and vanity pets (which admittedly can be part of the battle pet mini-game within WoW). None of these items “better” your character, though some mounts are pretty and some battle pets are part of strong teams.

    The “hey day” was actually the late 2000s, not the mid.

    Joe is correct that people have been married because of the game–including one of my co-workers.


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