Episode 43: We’d love to tell you the title, but it’s better if you figure it out on your own…

Hey everybody! Sorry the episode is so late this week. Robb has been a sick puppy, and couldn’t be bothered to work on the show.


Anyways, this week’s episode, we talk about the upcoming CONvergence in Minnesota, and we discuss the culture of spoilers. No kidding folks, if you hate spoilers, skip the middle part. We spoil so many things. All that, and a plot twisting Geek Fight!

Episode 42: On Nerds and Mental Health


No big long description this week, folks. We talk about depression, mental health, and what that means in a geek community. Of course, these thoughts are our own. We do not have degrees in mental health, nor do we claim that our experiences are the standard of depression and mental disorders. Below are a few links where you can read up on mental health, and some helpful people to talk to.

Family Aware

National Eating Disorder Awareness

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)


Episode 41: Your Family Is Bad, & You Should Feel Bad!


This week’s episode got weird, and rightfully so. Longtime friend of the show, Amanda stops by and shows us all how horrible it is to live in a card game inspired by Edward Gory and HP Lovecraft. If you’ve never played Gloom before, Here’s a link to the game, played by people cooler than us:

Definitely less references to Cats and Harrison Ford here, kids.

In other news, be sure to check out DreadNaught Photography‘s show at Sidhe Brewing, and enjoy her great work!