Episode 33: On Being Black and Nerdy


No funny title this week, folks. We have our good friend Gerald up from New Orleans, and this is the topic we picked. We get pretty deep into the subject of race, but like we said in the episode, we’re only 3 people on different ends of the problem. Comments and questions are highly encouraged. Special thanks to Gerald for being so open and honest during our talk.



One thought on “Episode 33: On Being Black and Nerdy

  1. Kendra was NOT blackface Buffy, nor was she from the hood. She was raised in a low population area and her accent is specific enough that it says where (details escape me presently). She was raised as a Potential away from most people, hence her awkwardness around Xander. Also, she appeared in all of 4 episodes of Season 2 (not all of it) and was only barely in one of them.

    All that said, I agree was wasn’t the best character ever but she doesn’t deserve the hate she gets.


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