Episode 36: The Iron Giant Would Rust In Purple Rain

This week’s episode is a bit of a doozy. Our first segment runs long, as the hosts discuss the recent death of the legendary Prince. It’s not our normal Nerd fare, but we thought it was important. After that, we get to our main topic of the day: ROBOTS! We discuss the difference between anthropomorphic robots and artificial intelligence, and different robots in popular culture. All of that, plus a great Geek Fight from our friend Claus!

Episode 35: Patrick Stewart Should Play Prof. X Forever.

This week’s episode is all about the X-Men! We talk about our favorite mutants, and tangent off into why Bob Kane was a terrible human being. Plus, Joe derails the geek fight with his choice, but since Robb is the one who edits the show, and posts the episodes, Joe’s choice is stupid.

Technical note: Robb screwed up the recording this week, so it sounds funky and subpar.

Catch Robb on Three Guys Talking this week!

Episode 33: On Being Black and Nerdy


No funny title this week, folks. We have our good friend Gerald up from New Orleans, and this is the topic we picked. We get pretty deep into the subject of race, but like we said in the episode, we’re only 3 people on different ends of the problem. Comments and questions are highly encouraged. Special thanks to Gerald for being so open and honest during our talk.