Episode 32: Collect ALL THE THINGS!!!!



This week, The L2TP crew is joined by frequent show critic (and general pain in Robb’s ass) Sean Beveridge! At some point, the show’s topic was collectibles, but Sean destroyed our format within a minute and a half, so who knows? We travel the gamut of discussions, including Sean’s constant Tuesday morning texts after he’s listened to the show, Joe falling pretty much in bro love, and yes, we get to collectibles. All that and a very strange sidekick geek fight, starring one of our hosts!


Episode 31: The Bat, The Boy Scout, and The Badass Chick


This week’s episode, Robb, Bernadette, and special guest host Kevin from Best 3some Ever! talk about the Justice League! They very quickly derail, however, because Kevin is a master tangentialist. Shut up, it’s a word. Then, a very villainous Geek Fight! We get super weird, and a smidge tipsy, all to make you people laugh. You’re Welcome.

Be sure to check out Best 3Some Ever, Robb and Kevin’s podcast.

Episode 30: This One Gets…. Dark…


This week’s episode is a whole lot of inside baseball, folks. We chat about the LARP game we all play in, and about the impact of character deaths. We tell a few stories, chat about Joe’s recent character loss, and generally get a bit self-indulgent. Also, this week’s geek fight is a war of Immortals!


Here’s the Civil War trailer, for all you fine people:

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