Episode 26: The Book Was Way Better…

This week’s episode is dedicated to Books vs. Movies! We start the show with a patently ridiculous explanation of My Little Pony. After, we chat the best and the worst in Movies based on books. Finally, the party crew pitches new movie adaptations from some of their favorite books. It’s another jam-packed episode for you all, we sure hope you enjoy it!

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One thought on “Episode 26: The Book Was Way Better…

  1. Several books I read in school are awesome: The Hobbit and Lord of the Flies to name two. I’m with you on Fahrenheit 451.

    Moby Dick is terrible and reading the abridged is cheating.

    Kim Harrison’s books should be a series, maybe movies but I’d rather see TV. Could win technical Oscars or for music if done right. The soundtrack I’d use would be pretty stellar.
    Mark Shepard wouldn’t make a good Piscary, IMHO. Rebecca Romjin isn’t a horrible choice, but I’m not sure she’d make a good redhead.

    Time Enough At Last is the librarian Twilight Zone episode.


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