Episode 25: More Than Meets The Eye!


What’s up everybody! This week’s episode is all about the best show involving alien robots turning into cars and jet fighters: Transformers! We talk about the original cartoon and how it was mildly racist. Seriously. We also mention the movies, and in this week’s Nerd Nostalgia, we explain to Joe what exactly a Pokemon is. All that and a Geek Fight in our own backyard. It’s a fully packed episode this week!

As a technical note, the recording got a little messed up this week due to a microphone mishap. Since Robb doesn’t edit these until the Sunday before the episode goes up, we didn’t have a chance to redo it. We’ll do better next week, we promise.

2 thoughts on “Episode 25: More Than Meets The Eye!

  1. OMG, you’re hurting my head with all the wrong or not-quite-right.
    All of the Transformers on Earth become their vehicle form because of how the Autobot’s onboard computer repaired them after their crash to the planet.
    Wheeljack of the Autobots *built the Dinobots.
    Shockwave *is the “other gun” on Cybertron.
    Soundwave has the cassette tape minions
    Laserbeak is the vulture minion (oh, *now Robb gets there)

    The Michael Bay movies don’t exist! I refuse to believe.


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