Episode 28: And The Oscar Goes To…


This week’s episode we talk about the Oscars and the whitewashing of the whole ceremony. We recorded this episode before the ceremony, so our predictions are already determined, since today is the day after the Oscars. Also, we’ve got a special geek fight from our buddy Jeremy, and Robb doesn’t understand mash up cosplays.

Episode 27: Chimichangas and Boy Scouts and Dolph Lundgren, Oh MY!


This week’s episode is all about Comic Book Movies! We talk about Deadpool quite a bit, but it’s understandable. It’s a brilliant movie. Also, Bernadette explains why Super Smash Bros. is a game changer, and one of the more interesting geek fights we’ve had so far.

Episode 26: The Book Was Way Better…

This week’s episode is dedicated to Books vs. Movies! We start the show with a patently ridiculous explanation of My Little Pony. After, we chat the best and the worst in Movies based on books. Finally, the party crew pitches new movie adaptations from some of their favorite books. It’s another jam-packed episode for you all, we sure hope you enjoy it!

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Polls for the Geek Fight!

Hello, friends! We’ve started a poll for our weekly Geek Fight. We wanna hear who you think wins the fight. After this week, the polls will be going directly into our podcast posts. In the meantime, chime in, won’t you?

Episode 25: More Than Meets The Eye!


What’s up everybody! This week’s episode is all about the best show involving alien robots turning into cars and jet fighters: Transformers! We talk about the original cartoon and how it was mildly racist. Seriously. We also mention the movies, and in this week’s Nerd Nostalgia, we explain to Joe what exactly a Pokemon is. All that and a Geek Fight in our own backyard. It’s a fully packed episode this week!

As a technical note, the recording got a little messed up this week due to a microphone mishap. Since Robb doesn’t edit these until the Sunday before the episode goes up, we didn’t have a chance to redo it. We’ll do better next week, we promise.

Episode 24: The Answer to Life, The Universe, And Everything


This week, we talk about The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy! Joe does his best to explain the batshit world Douglas Adams created, while Robb and Bernadette try their best to understand it.


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See you all next week!