Episode 19: Reboot-make-vival-itization


This week’s episode is all about Reboots, Remakes, and Revivals of films and TV shows. We recorded this a few weeks ago, before any of us saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but since Robb was in a happy-coma from the movie, we didn’t record anything new this week.

This episode, We struggle to define the terms “reboot” and “remake”, Robb get his Hate on for The Phantom Menace, and Bernadette makes all wish that she controlled what gets remade in Hollywood.

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Episode 18: I Call It Mr. Pointy

This week’s episode is all about the nerdy genius of Joss Whedon! We talk a lot about “Buffy” and “Angel”, as well as hitting a lot of his other properties. We also debuted a new segment this week, that we’re currently calling “Nerd Fight”. We’ll see how it goes, but it was really entertaining.

This week, we had Cetius from Xtreme Tasting League: Scotch with us. His knowledge of the Whedonverse is enormous, and he kicked Joe and Robb’s asses around the room. Go check out his lovely show!

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Episode 17: Revenge of the Cons!

This week, we are joined by the incomparable Jena Young from, among numerous other things, The Apropos of Nothing Podcast! Jena joins us as we talk about Conventions again, including the birth of Convergence here in Minnesota. We also get into talking about cosplay and costuming, and Jena and Joe find common ground in insulting Robb.

Because Jena is always busy doing something cool, here’s a list of all the things she does, and where you can find her being absolutely delightful:

AoN Podcast

Fearless Comedy

A Reel Education

Get Thee Behind Me, Santa

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