Episode 12: One! Sing-u-lar Sensation!

Hey Everybody! This week’s show is about one of our more nerdy obsessions: Musicals! This one definitely strays from our normal episodes, but we promise to be just as ridiculous as we always are. This episode came from Robb’s fangirling over “Hamilton”, so you can blame him. That’s right, pull out a $10 bill and scold the dead guy on the front, Alexander Hamilton. This is his fault. Stupid founding father.

Click here for the Facebook event page for the Extra Life gaming marathon.

Click here for Byron Siren’s website and all the new fancy music he’s got coming out.

See you all next time!

One thought on “Episode 12: One! Sing-u-lar Sensation!

  1. Other than kid oriented musicals, Cabaret was my first movie musical. I was eight and it was not the best movie for an eight year old. However, I loved it in every way. Had the vhs tape until I wore it out. It is my favorite musical.


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