Episode 16: Live From The Warner Water Tower…

Today’s episode, we talk about Saturday morning cartoons, with our special guest, Stubby J from Three Guys Talking! We chat a bit about how useless Megatron was in a fight, Robin Williams and the Disney Screwjob, and Stubby challenges Robb on his knowledge of voice actors. We barely kept this one on the rails.

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Episode 15: All Work and No Play…


Hey folks! This week’s episode we talk about Fan Fiction, and National Novel Writing Month. Joe expounds upon the joy and wonder of Fanfic, and Robb tries desperately not to make fun of him.


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BONUS Blooper Reel!


Hey folks! A little bonus material for you this week! This clip is from our Zombie episode. In case you were wondering:

– No, we don’t have a script.

– No, we don’t usually have a plan.

– Yes, we are a little bit insane.

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See ya later!

Episode 14: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start


Hey friends! If you downloaded this episode from iTunes at any point on the day it was published, chances are, you got the horrible version of our show. Robb made a really stupid editing error, then didn’t playback any of the show, otherwise he would have noticed. He’s no longer allowed to edit at 3 AM anymore.

Hey folks! This week, we talk video games! We know it’s a big topic, and we didn’t get very far, but we did teach Bernadette what the Konami Code was. Plus, Robb rants about far too many things, so that’s a nice change.

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See you all next week!

Episode 13: Don’t Feed The Trolls

Hey everybody! This week’s topic is Internet Culture. We talked a lot about the different things about the internet that make us sad and/or happy. It’s a much more serious episode than we normally do, but bear with us.

In happier news, come check us out tomorrow, Tuesday, Nov. 10, on Tactical Pinup‘s stream from 4-8 pm, CST. We’ll be helping Brie raise money for Gillette Children’s Hospital in Minnesota. Watch us be absolutely horrible at video games, play some board games, and just generally be weird on the internet!

Nerdy Assignment Of the Week: One (yes one)

So this is a vlog I made. Ya for me! It’s me talking about my nerdy mission of the week from One! Sing-u-lar┬áSensation! If you haven’t listen to it yet go check it out. Like I say in the video the plan is to have our fabulous listeners be more involved with my nerdy missions and my growth into the nerd community, and this is the first stab at it. So as always, thank you for your support and feed back! Love you all, nerd newbie’s and veterans alike.


Episode 12: One! Sing-u-lar Sensation!

Hey Everybody! This week’s show is about one of our more nerdy obsessions: Musicals! This one definitely strays from our normal episodes, but we promise to be just as ridiculous as we always are. This episode came from Robb’s fangirling over “Hamilton”, so you can blame him. That’s right, pull out a $10 bill and scold the dead guy on the front, Alexander Hamilton. This is his fault. Stupid founding father.

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