Episode 10: CH CH CH… AH AH AH

Hey everybody! With this being the month of October, and with Halloween coming up, we thought it was only fitting that we talk about Horror movies! We get into the classic 80s slasher films, and the modern day splattercore flicks, and quite a bit in between. Plus, we talk about another Halloween classic in Nerd Nostalgia, The Crow.

Also, this episode is part one in our Halloween shows. We all got ready to take off for the night, and we started listing off a bunch of stuff we missed! Stay tuned for next week’s episode!

Let us know in the comments what your favorite Horror movie is, or tell us about the one we so egregiously missed!

As always, our title music was donated by our good friend, Byron Siren!

One thought on “Episode 10: CH CH CH… AH AH AH

  1. Just an FYI, in the new Nightmare on Elm ST. Freddy did it, but there is much more doubt. It is alright. Joe, you really don’t need to see the new one, Robert England is way better and they don’t change anything major enough to be at all surprised by anything.


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